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The Microtechs provides Digital Marketing Services to boost your business. From traditonal tools to more advanced services and strategy, we can help your business reach more targeted leads and convert to new accounts and sales. Coming in at the beginning of a new website allows us to integrate sophisticated features and functionality within your website, ensuring that we can track your leads from the moment they arrive to the point at which they become converted sales. Using SalesForce, ZOHO or Microsoft CRM? Integrating Web forms with your CRM, your site will capture lead data and save it to your database, send it to your CRM to create a new lead for the correct salesperson, and be included in goal conversion tracking from Analytics. This helps make sure your Marketing efforts can be tracked and judged appropriately, showing exactly how much was spent to generate new sales.

Tools & Platforms

Vertical Response
Google Ads
IG Advertising
TikTok Ads
FB Ads
Campaign Monitor
Constant Contact
Smith for KY Senate

CTR (Click-Thru-Rate) and Conversion

For many industries, an average click-through rate is between 4-6%. So a good or above-average click-through rate in Google Ads would be something like 7-9%. If you’re in the travel, automotive sales, or real estate industries, however, where average CTR is 7-9%, you’d want to strive for 10-12%.

Now that we know what click-through rate is, how it impacts your Google Ads performance and what it means to have a good click-through rate, we can talk about how to achieve one. And there are a few approaches. The first is with your targeting. A proper, well-crafted campaign should focus on narrow audience that filters out prospective customer/clients/accounts that will not be interested and will never convert. Next, it should filter out “window shoppers” that will click and do have interest, but will not buy and become an account. This is accomplished at the ad copy level as well as with negative keywords. Low click-through rates could be because you’re bidding on the wrong keywords. But in most cases, you can significantly increase CTR (and conversion volume and ROI) by simply writing stronger ad copy.

Telling a user that you have what they’re looking for, that what you have is better than what your competitors have, is not a call to action. You need to actually invite your ad viewers to act. And to act now. Buy now. Download today. Though it’s just one or two words, it’s a micro-push that can make all the difference. Even better, reinforce a feature or benefit in the CTA, like “Starting saving now” or “Talk to a specialist today.”

Social Media Boosting

  • Buy Followers
  • Buy Likes
  • Buy Shares
  • Buy Comments
  • Buy Retweets
  • Buy Views
X Twitter
Increase SEO & Visibility

Startups & New Web Properties

In general, it takes at least 90 days (3 Months) to begin to have a presence that can be found through search and other organic means. With new websites and new businesses or organizations, the tried and true method of increasing SEO and traffic in these early stages is through paid advertising. This can be costly, requiring thousands of dollars in ad-spend. There is another way. Utlizing Social Media Marketing and Boosting, we can add hundreds or thousands of followers and actions that will link back and create activity that increases your score and your weighted rank. In contrast, this is very cheap, and very effective. Contact Us to discuss your options and get a free estimate today.

Digital Videography

  • 16:9 Ratio
  • 1:1 Ratio
Professional Production for Video Ads
  • 9:16 Ratio
  • 4:3 Ratio

Production Services

We provide full-service Ad production services, with a special focus on digital video ads. Video increases your CTR (Click Thru Rate), Converson Rate and Ad Performance exponentially. Prospective Customers are much more likely to engage and interact with ads that use video and animations. We use a variety of top-of-the-line industry leading video production and special effects software to produce broadcast quality digital video in up to 4K UHD resolution. Although most videos on the web are viewed on a mobile device with the sound muted, The Microtechs has a professional pride in our work that could not be complete without audio production, mixing and mastering services included. We can direct and guide clients how to write and record commercial ad scripts without any need for you to have access to pro audio equipment. Simply record with your mobile device and we will take care of the rest.
  • 4K Ultra High Definiton Resolution
  • Professional Special Effects
  • Soundtracking & Audio Mastering
  • Multiple Aspect Ratios per Platform
Classic Image Ad Design




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