Founded by Chris Gilroy in the Fall of 2007, we’ve produced a little over 600 sites. Here are a few Featured Client websites as they looked when they were first published. All custom website and application projects are custom-designed in WordPress or Joomla unless otherwise stated.

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See below for a select portfolio of the professional work of Chris J Gilroy, owner and Chief Designer & Developer.

The Oakland A’sAthletics

A custom employee Intranet solution was designed and developed for this Major League Baseball team. It included multiple web apps, for the Employee “Roster”, a Directory with Contact information for several hundred employees, Homestand Game Schedule with custom database elements set to specific user-access levels, and a News Bulletin that filters relevent articles by Employee Type. The Team’s custom branding was incorporated into the design and new style standards were set to ensure the correct brandmark showed on light or dark sections, and active, focus and default color settings were created for additional elements that the team had not utlized before. LDAP was leveraged for easy and continuous employee login.
Oakland A's Intranet
  • Graphic Design
  • Created Style Guidelines
  • Dynamic Styling
  • Developed Database Apps
  • API Integration
  • Multi-Access Levels
  • Joomla CMS
  • Blue Jays
    Wed, Aug 15th 1:05pm
  • Rangers
    Thu, Aug 17th 1:05pm
  • Rangers
    Fri, Aug 17th 7:05pm
  • Mariners
    Sat, Aug 18th 7:05pm
  • Mariners
    Wed, Aug 15th 1:05pm
  • Padres
    Wed, Aug 21st 7:05pm
  • Padres
    Thu, Aug 21st 12:05pm
  • Pirates
    Fri, Aug 22nd 12:05pm
  • Pirates
    Sat, Aug 23rd 1:05pm

Galaxy Home Theater

The small business website showcased Home Theater products, services and a portfolio of featured work. Three different versions were produced over the years for this repeat client, one of our first and oldest. High resolution background video was inserted from manufacturer websites, and the media-centric industry allowed for more design tricks and features than we usually get to use. Subtle parallax animations and scrollspy effects brought life into the styling.
Galaxy Home Theater
  • Graphic Design
  • Created Style Guidelines
  • Joomla CMS

Animal Specialty Center

This pet emergency hospital and veterinary center was a small business website mostly comprised of simple text, images and video. The only functional features included were a contact form and an employee directory that allowed staff to add and edit or manage their own bios and photographs. Built for WordPress with the UIKit and PageBuilder, their employee admins can easily edit and manage the website without hired help, while always adhering to the branded custom-style.

Devil’s Canyon

A local SF Bay Area Handcrafted Ale and IPA company. This custom website was designed with care and product in mind. A custom product catalog was developed that allowed admins to upload product data via CSV, assign categories and subcategories and tags, and included custom elements like Alcohol Volume and Availabity of each product line and subsequent item. This was one of the first custom-designed sites built after the introduction of vertically-aligned content, giving our design and extra edge. Animated bottles slid across a virtual bar on the main product screen, and potential events were scheduled and booked at their event location via a custom form.
Special Thanks to
  • Animal Specialty Center
  • Bay Bella Publishing
  • Bennie J Smith for Senate
  • BNC Scientific
  • Braemac CA
  • Buddhist Church of San Francisco
  • Cartelligent
  • Concious Creative
  • CoreTechs
  • db Autosportif
  • Devil’s Canyon Brewing Co.
  • Earthquake Sound Corp
  • Electronic Arts
  • Leapfrog
  • Galaxy Home Theater
  • City of Napa
  • NIA Creative
  • Neulum Ltd.
  • The Oakland Athletics
  • Oakland Dust
  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • Power to the Peaceful
  • President of The United States
  • Princton Gamma-Tech
  • Quantum Composers
  • Steamer Projections
"This is how I always envisioned our website. Great job!"
Dave Shapiro, CEO, Cartelligent
The Oakland Athletics  Logo
Read about the custom system we developed for The Oakland Athletics
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