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Media buyers possess the data on ad performance and business goals. But they don’t necessarily know how to create new iterations faster or provide visibility into insights. Creative Strategists lead the people who will define the messaging and ultimately produce the ad—copywriters, illustrators, designers, editors. They also serve as the creative’s connection to the left brain. A good Creative Strategist knows how to look at data, break it down into actionable insights, and translate that knowledge into new ads. Simply put, Creative Strategists merge emotion and logic. They find the sweet spot between creative theory and media reality to maximize marketing results.


At the intersection of art and science creative strategist have evolved from hybrid roles shared amongst media buyers and designers into key roles that drive not only brand quality but paid media performance. As with my political work, the main purpose of our Creative Strategy is to connect with the end-user and target marget on both a practical and an emotional level. Just as we connect in-person, the right ad can reach people on a personal level if rather than attempting to persuade them to want your product or service, your product or service is aimed at meeting their needs. The idea then becomes adapting the business for the needs of the target audience, rather than seeking to find a targfet audience that can be persuaded to buy and convert to accounts for the product line or service line your business prefers. Ad copy and media is then created around the buyer, rather than the business.






Target Audience

Prestage Packaging Design
Typography, Branding and Design start with a focused analysis of the target – not the product or service. We design for the target first, and the message and merit of the goods and services second. IOn the above example, these products are aimed at Men, ages 25-45, interested in upscale products that are new and better than the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.
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