By using this site and/or contracting services, you acknowledge that you have read and have agreed to the Terms of Service, website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to amend these terms from time to time. You agree to the following terms of service, terms of use and legal policies by engaging in any services by The Microtechs and/or it's owner, Chris Gilroy

Terms of Service

Payment Methods

We invoice and process all non-business check payments through StripeTM, which we use for online invoices and accepting credit cards, debit cards, Apple PayTM, and ACH transfers. For all online payments, we charge a 3% processing fee, which is waived for certain recurring payments or invoices over $5000. ACH transfers may delay receipt for up to 2 business days. ZelleTM may be accepted in certain cases, with a 2% processing fee and a typical 2 business day transfer period. We accept payment by business check from major-branch banks within the Unites States. Business checks are not subjected to fees of any kind. All check payments should be made on 1099 Contract terms and addressed directly to Chris Gilroy. A signed W9 for the active year will be emailed with your invoice if you opt to pay by business check.

We no longer accept payments via PayPalTM
  • Debit and Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Business Check
  • ACH

Monthly Services

Recurring monthly packages and plans are billed at the beginning of each month. Monthly service plans must be cancelled by the 5th day of the month, or service will discontinue the following month. Unless otherwise stated above, fees are for time and labor or services purchased or contracted on your behalf. A half-month may be prorated in certain circumstances where the service plan is cancelled after the 5th, and limited or no service has been received for that month. There are no fees or service charges beyond the plan cost. However, clients who wish to cancel before fulfilling the full term may be subject to an early termination fee. Monthly plans with a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month term offer significant savings based on the longevity of the commitment. Early termination fees are calculated at 30% of the remaing total cost. Monthly plans are billed at a lower rate than our actual rate per hour.


Lifetime Free Email Support

We provide free email support to all of our clients. A client is defined for these purposes as any company or individual with an open account that has completed at least one transaction with This Microtechs. The scope of our free Q&A email support includes answers by email to any Joomla related questions within 2 business days. This support is currently offerred (5/1/11) as an ongoing commitment intended to be available for the lifetime of our company. In the event the company fails or dissolves, the respective owner and employees will not be held liable to continue this service. The Microtechs reserves the right to modify this service at any time.

Per Diem Rates

Nearly every project quoted will be a flat-rate based on the features, functionality and needs of your company. Since 2007, we've found that the best business relationship is one where we bill at a moderate flate-rate for our virtually permanent solutons, which require no ongoing hired help from us. As we are in the business of making your business self-sufficient, we do not model our business to retain clients on an ongoing basis that regularly bills hourly rates indefinitely. In some cases, per Diem hourly rates are unavoidable. The current rates ar as follows: All per Diem, hourly services are billed at a rate of $150/hr remote and $250/hr for on-site or projects that require our full team. Emergency, after-hours and weekend rates are billed at the standard company rate of $250/hr. All per Diem work and services require a 1hr minimum.


The Microtechs, Chris Gilroy, or any related associates working on websites, applications or digital properties will not be held liable for outside interference, random acts of God, client or client employee sabotage, or malware, phishing or spoofing targetting client properties. Unless specifically stated in our proposal and terms, our responsibility is limited to the work items promised in detail on the proposal and estimate for your project. We cannot assume responsibility for anything outside of the stated work items we've been contracted to perform. For websites and applications, once the balance necessary for transfer to the client's server has been received and the property has been transferred to the client's care, the client assumes full responsiblity for their property. Websites and applications that are altered by the client or client's employees or associates effectively change the solution from what we've planned, developed and designed. Projects and properties that have been changed from the solution we've planned, developed and/or designed may require new work to be fixed, have consequences solved, or repair damage. We do not proofread or provide copy editing or copy writing services. Please check and ensure your content is prepared and correct before sending to have placed and published by us. Generally, unless requested in your RFP/RFQ and included on your proposal, we do not add-on IT services, server maintenence services, host or database management services, email/mail server support, or 3rd party support. CMS solutions are intended to be a content management system solution that business owners and employee can manage, scale and maintain without a need for outside contractors or development firms. The nature of these solutions is provide all of the tools needed to be independent, with business owners and employees being able to manage and control all of their own website, applications, email and hosting services. We do not generally assume responsibility for managing client email service, hosting service, API services, e-commerce order processing or customer service to your clients and customers.

California Law and Jurisdiction

For all projects and services, the State of California is the physical location of any and all work performed. By engaging in services and/or accepting any proposal or agreement with The Microtechs or Chris Gilroy, whether B2B or individually as a 1099 Contractor, you agree to recognize the State of California as having legal jurisdication, regardless of your home state or business location. You agree to recognize all California State Labor Laws. Should any legal matter arise, all proceedings will be held in the count of Contra Costa in California, under it's jurisdiction and subject to California law.

Cancellation & Termination Policy

The Microtechs and it's owner, Chris Gilroy, is a service provider that bills services and work-for-hire. In the event a project is cancelled or otherwise terminated before it's finished, the flat-rate quote is discarded and time is billed hourly for actual hours worked. If the amount already received exceeds the total cost of hours worked at our standard hourly rate, a refund of the exceeded amount may be returned. Unless otherwise stated, all fees billed are for labor and time. All time, work-for-hire and labor must be paid for and cannot be refunded. Once a project has begun, the down payment quoted on your estimate will be due-on-receipt. If a project is pre-paid, any discounts applied for prepayment are void on termination of the project. Websites, files, databases and any physicial or digital materials that are the legal property of the client (while technically, are accessible to all clients throughout the duration of production) will be provided within one business day of satisfaction of fees due. Assistance helping the client install, configure their host, server, domain or email if a project is cancelled and a package of database and self-installing web files will be sent to perform or have another developer perform the services cancelled. If a project is cancelled after work has begun and the billable hours exceed the collected down payment, an invoice for the balance will be issued and due on receipt. Chargebacks, bounced checks or otherwise fraudelent payments will be subject to a 30% punitive fee and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Any fraudelent activity will be reported to the IC3 and FTC, as well as law enforcement. We reserve the right to pursue bad debt in a court of law, or through professional debt collection services.
We want the very best for our clients. Our entire mission revolves around making our clients self-supporting and independent. If you are unsatisfied with our service at any time, please contact us and describe your situation. While we may not be able to refund labor or hours, we may be able to assist you with our free email support.

Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions

The Microtechs reserve the right to change or modify current Terms Of Use at any time with no prior notice. Therefore, we encourage you to review changes to our privacy policy every time you visit this website. Further, The Microtechs shall not be liable to you or any third party should The Microtechs exercise its right to modify, suspend, limit or discontinue any feature, service or promotion advertised.

Age Restrictions

The Microtechs website is not directed to children under thirteen (13) years of age, and children under such age must not use the web site or services offered on it to submit any individually identifiable information about themselves.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Website and its members, managers, officers, employees, agents and the assigns of same, from and against any and all loss, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses), claims, damages and liabilities related to or associated with your use of the Website and any violation of the terms of use and Privacy Policy by you.

Links to 3rd party websites

We may provide hyperlinks to third-party web sites as a convenience to users of the Web Site or for advertising purposes. The Microtechs does not control third-party web sites and is not responsible for the contents of any linked-to, third-party web sites or any hyperlink in a linked-to web site. The Microtechs does not endorse, recommend or approve any third-party web site hyperlinked from the Web Site. The Microtechs will have no liability to any entity for the content or use of the content available through such hyperlink. We do not endorse or hold ourselves responsible for the privacy policies or information gathering practices of any other websites, other than sites run by us.
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