Training & Support

We provide free unlimited, lifetime email support to every client and Joomla user. If your employees need assistance, admins need guidance, or developers are struggling with development - we're here to help. Support is unlimited, and always FREE. You can email us all day long if you'd like, that's what we're here for.

Remote Training

Our whole philosophy is built around producing state-of-the-art smart solutions that anyone can manage without hired help. If its done right, a professional CMS solution should be manageable without skilled help, and without a need for developers. To that end, we go to great lengths to make sure our clients know and understand how to manage your site and applications well. Most project include at least an hour of hands-on training. Using screenshare software, we can host a remote session where we go through a complete orientation with your website's back-end and all of it's features. Employees from several locations can join the presentation from multiple locations simultaneously. Your staff in New York, Salesperson in Atlanta, and Designer in Seattle can participate and follow on-screen with us while you take control from LA. With new website projects, we generally break up training into two sessions. Experience has shown that there's better retention when we do half of the training before launch, and then again a few days post-launch. This gives you and your staff enough time to forget a thing or two and come up with some questions.
  • Joomla! CMS Support
  • WordPress Support
  • Magento Support
  • Drupal Support
  • Cloudflare & Host Support
  • DNS, Nameservers & Domain
  • php/MySQL & Lamp stack
  • Email, Backup & Transfer
  • Firewall, CDN & Security
  • SalesForce Support
  • ZOHO Support
  • Microsoft CRM Support
  • Sharepoint Support
  • CMS Training

Support Plans

On-call remote support, website administration, server and host management, IT support and hands-on assistance is available at flat monthly rates. See Monthly Plans on the Marketing & Ad Management page, or in SEO.
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