Ad Campaigns

We develop and create effective, well-managed ad campaigns and marketing services. From targeted Social Media ads to print campaigns, we can manage your company marketing and generate new leads. We cover everything from Graphic Design to Content Writing, driving print-collateral traffic to Landing Pages and SEO. Monthly rates are typically 2-3X less than the cost of a single employee, and we don't bill hourly if we run over time.
The Microtechs manages campaigns and advertising services for Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Advertising and Twitter Ad management. We've been performance-driven online marketing since 2008, with nearly 20 years of digital marketing experience. From CPC/CPM to organic search engine optimization and promotional print collateral, our full service solutions maximize ROI and conversion at modest, affordable rates.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Twitter have the most active, longest engagement of any social media and social networking platforms. Most users login daily, and many times throughout the day. This makes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ideal environments for advertising. Beyond simply logging in, Social Media platforms like Facebook get to know their users likes and dislikes. Any well run campaign should be targeting potential clients or customers who have a high likelihood of wanting to buy your products or services. Having detailed data handy that helps us show ads to prospective customers with a high likelihood of converting, and not to users who wouldn't convert, helps us streamline our campaigns and make very effective ads. Most of the Social Media ads we design are carefully set up to drive traffic to landing pages and lead forms where we can track ad performance. A visitor engages with an ad, is taken to the landing page, creates a new lead in your CRM (SalesForce, Zoho, Microsoft CRM), and a Salesperson makes contact. Being able to follow the lead from Ad to Account empowers business owners and management with concrete data on Advertising ROI. From there, we can use that behavioral data to continue to refine and improve each successive campaign.

Followers, Acquisition, Views & Likes

We leverage the best tools to provide the highest quality auto-likes, genuine followers and automated followe acuisition in the market. These services can be monthly or ran once, and you keep your growth. The optics of a video with 10,000 likes doesn't just expose your content to a much larger audience than you can on your own, it increases your exposure and raises your visibility across the board.


Social Media Tools
We can leverage ours tools to add genuine followers, views and likes to your social media posts. Targeted at the specific demographic of your ideal prospect, we simultaneously boost your webpage's score while acquiring a larger audience and stimulating growth.
  • Specified Country
  • Gender Specificity
  • Video Views
  • Delayed Likes
  • 1,000-5k Followers
  • Automate 100-10k likes
Instagram Acquisition


  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Cost-per-impression (CPM)
  • Lead Campaigns
  • Follower Growth
  • Organic Marketing
  • Content Writing





Marketing Collateral

With lead forms, calls-to-action and conversion in mind, we design and plan out smart Marketing Campaigns that get results. From postcards and brochures to magazine and print ads, we cover as little or as much of your Graphic Design, Advertising and Marketing Department needs.

Tracking your leads, visitors and prospects starts offline. Before they even reach your landing pages, your print collateral is already doing footwork. Scan-able QR codes direct your prospects directly to a call-to-action on your website that's intended for their demographic, region and division. If we run a print campaign targeting a specific line of products, to a specific demo and geographic region, we want to ensure they arrive at a landing page that's meant for them. Our powerful, smart CMS website solutions can take it a step further and show different content and calls-to-action to different people, based on their device, their location, or more. This provides your customers and clients with a personalized experience.

QR code advertising

Design Services

Ad Campaign and Marketing Services are generally quoted according to each client's specific needs, but the following are the most common and reflect our typical costs. We don't bill hourly if we run over time managing your campaigns. Monthly plans save significant costs for your business. Designers typically earn $60-90k, with freelance usually in the $30-$60/hr range. Most SEO businesses charge $5,000+, and most in-house marketing teams are costing $200k/year across 3-4 employees. Why worry about PTO, overtime, employee benefits, severance and unemployment when professional designers cost a fraction at a simple flat rate?

Service Plans

Monthly Rates

Marketing and Ad services generally range from $1k for small single-site SEO, campaigning or promotion, to $5k/mo for larger and mixed-media marketing services. All marketing services are monthly plans that have a minimum 90 day first run term, and be month-to-month or annual after. Usually, by the third month, our clients can acurately gauge their ROI, growth rate and the performance they can expect from The Microtechs.
  • Online Advertising
  • Campaign Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Design Services
  • CRM Integration
  • SEO & SEM
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We've Proudly Served

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