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September 07, 2016

New PageBuilder, UIKit3

Revolutionary New Visual Website & Page Builder

The Warp customizer was a great start to modify your theme's look without having to write CSS. Now we take it even further with our new, revolutionary page builder which is the heart of your website administration. It allows you to manage your custom theme's settings, customize the style, layout your pages and also to manage modules and menus. The built-in real-time preview stops you from bothering your browser's refresh button. Modifying the custom theme we design will be a visual process with simple drag-and-drop, and visual controls.

No html. No blank white WYSIWYG boxes. With visual options, simple icons and drag-and-drop, employees of any skill level can manage your company website.


Creating content for your website can be a tedious task and coding all the markup takes a lot of time. This is going to change with our new page builder. It lets you create pages instantly without having to code (you wont even need to add CSS classes). You can start with predefined layouts and customize them to your needs with simple drag and drop. This will be a huge time saver and allows you to recreate an entirely new website within hours. And the best part is, you will have perfect markup which can be updated with the custom theme.

The PageBuilder and UIKit3 power the custom template and theme we design for you. It's based on a completely new framework, which also integrates the features of Widgetkit 2. Therefore it is the successor of both, Warp and Widgetkit. This also means, as before, that your Front-End design and UI/UX are platform independent. Should you migrate from WordPress to Joomla, or proprietary to Pagekit, your Front-End is compatible.

Clients already running one of our custom solutions can update seamlessly. With 1-Click update, current and new clients update to each new release in seconds. It's as simple as updating your phones iOS, but much faster...and you won't need to replace your headphones.

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