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January 12, 2018

Slides, Sans jQuery

New Slider, Slideset & Slideshow Elements

The new Slider component allows you to display multiple content items at once. You can slide through the row of items, smoothly revealing new ones. The Slider was written from scratch, sharing its code base with the Slideshow component. Thanks to this modularity the UIkit JavaScript only got 2KB bigger (gzipped) in file size including the Slider component and all other improvements. We think that's really great! And remember, all this works without jQuery dependency!

It's fully customizable, responsive, and supports swipe and touch navigation as well as mouse drag. Other Slider features include center mode and infinite scrolling. When clicking through the items, the Slider keeps up with your pace, so that no click or swipe is lost. Meanwhile, hardware accelerated animations ensure smooth transitions. You can apply the Grid component to add gutter and use different classes from the Width component to define the size of all items and build the Slider you want. If no width classes are used, each item's width depends on the dimensions of the content itself. Of course, you can also create a Slider that extends to full viewport height. Both the Slideshow and the Slider are able to generate their dotnavs automatically when there is no item specific content in the navigation items. The dotnav of the Slider even recalculates the number of hidden items depending on the Slider's width. By the way, the Slider and the Slideshow now also have RTL support, so both adapt perfectly to websites using right-to-left languages.

Video Component

Apart from the Slider, the uk-video attribute was improved as well. Now videos play and pause when they enter or leave the viewport. Since it's recommended to use videos instead of animated gifs due to their smaller file size, we can now deprecate the uk-gif attribute, which does the same as the video attribute but for gifs.

Scrolling through Sets of Items

The new Slider combines the functionality of the Slider and the Slideset that you know from UIkit 2. You can now choose if you want to loop through single items or sets of visible items. The number of dots in the navigation will also adapt automatically depending on how many items are visible on the specific viewport. The Slider now offers the Slideset functionality, the only difference is that the Slideset offers different animations. For this reason, we have decided not to implement a Slideset component into the UIkit 3 stable release. This puts into question whether a new Slideset is even necessary. What do you think?

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