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April 20, 2011

RS Form! Pro

Joomla Custom Form Extension

RS Joomla is our trusted source for custom forms in Joomla. With so many easy to use features and free plugins it's a no-brainer. Nice features like multi-page form ability, split-column options and SalesForce integration plugin make this our choice for most web form solutions.

Starting with RSForm!Pro 1.3.0, you can automatically assign new leads to your account after the form submissions, using the Salesforce Web2Lead plugin

  • The only Joomla! form extension 100% built with Joomla! MVC architecture
  • No HTML knowledge needed / Built-in form layouts
  • Integration with Paypal, Re-Captcha, Google Analytics, Salesforce, RSMail!, RSEvents!, MailChimp
  • Ajax based back-end management
  • Send different e-mails to submitters and staff members
  • Create multi-page forms
  • Export to Excel, CSV and XML
  • Add php, css and javascript code
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