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August 13, 2015

New UI/UX Design Tools

We've got some great new assets for web design!

Our reach is ever increasing, and we've got some great new tools for design. The UIKit framework, which piggybacks off Bootstrap, is getting even better. From fluid, "flex" grids to nifty new javascript and CSS tech, we've got more tools than ever before.


The core switcher functionality gives us a great tool for swapping out elements, graphics, or content. The same triggering that we've used for a decade to swap out slideshows or tabbed content, except it's free from widgets or modules. We can swap anything. Why is that exciting? Take a look at this site we have in production here. Normally, this could only be accomplished with some very serious javascript, or flash if we went the old way. It would be slow, and have a giant footprint, weighing down the site quite a bit. Ours is pure html and css, and when compiled into's lightning and feather-light weight.

ScrollSpy Animations

This is a CSS class that's triggered when an element enters the viewport (when you first start to see it in your screen). It's most commonly used with animations, but it can be used for any CSS class - which can get really exciting, depending on how creatively we use it.

Scale Down

Scale Up

Fade In

Slide In

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