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The Future of AI Advertising

Posted in News & Reviews April 06, 2017 Views: 2003

The Future of AI Advertising
And The Dangers of Being Understood

Analytics. No well-run advertising campaign revolves around the product or service. Good advertising focuses on the buyer. We analyze the buyer's behavior and learn - and analyze and learn again. We track ad performance, adjust our ads and come back with better-targeted ads. Being understood is good, right?

New PageBuilder, UIKit3

Posted in News & Reviews September 07, 2016 Views: 3201

Revolutionary New Visual Website & Page Builder

On October 10th, We will announce a revolutionary new platform for Website Administration, Creation and Editing. Developed by Yootheme, this new visual system is groundbreaking. Admins will be able to edit your company website's appearance live, in real-time.

Instagram & Twitter Feed

Posted in News & Reviews March 14, 2016 Views: 2566

Instagram & Twitter Feed
New Tools Tap Social Media API's for Custom Streaming

You can now choose any Instagram account, Twitter account, hashtag or keyword as a data source. Fetch your media automatically and display in Slideshows, a Grids or any other widget you like.

New UI/UX Design Tools

Posted in News & Reviews August 13, 2015 Views: 2246

New UI/UX Design Tools
We've got some great new assets for web design!

Our reach is ever increasing, and we've got some great new tools for design. The UIKit framework, which piggybacks off Bootstrap, is getting even better. From fluid, "flex" grids to nifty new javascript and CSS tech, we've got more tools than ever before.

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