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This powerful intranet system was custom designed and developed for the Oakland Athletics major league baseball team staff. It features a half-dozen custom applications, streaming media and sophisticated employee-access content creation tools.

Designed and developed specifically for the Oakland A's, this powerful CMS and employee intranet system is a cloud-based hub for several hundred employees. It features a half-dozen custom-designed inter-active applications, a sophisticated employee profile system, streaming media, event calendar and game-day system detailing every baseball game played each season. It also streams in the latest tweets and Instagram posts automatically, giving employees up-to-the-second news. Learn more about this project in the detailed Case Study

Oakland A's Case Study

The foundation of this intranet solution starts with a tiered level employee profile system that assigns permissions based on employee type. Managers and Administrators have a wider range of access, with features and tools unavailable to regular employees. Managers can feature an employee to be recognized for excellence, write office bulletins, create and add Events to the calendar, or import or edit Game details. Employees of all types can upload files, create or edit their profile and more--from their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Oakland Athletics Intranet Builder

Months of customization went into developing a solution specifically made for baseball. Light-years beyond a simple calendar of ballgames, our custom Homestand application can be mass-updated in bulk, or edited individually. From gameday promotions to vendor tabling and vendor locations around the ballpark, to opposing team details, gate and first-pitch time to scoreboard messages and value tickets available, this is a custom solution made for baseball.

Using LESS pre-processing, minify, gzip and a CDN - we're delivering clean-coded front-end design loading a simple LESS file in milliseconds instead of the half-dozen CSS files we relied on in the past. Our UIKit-based UI/UX leverages @globals and hooks with zero unnecessary lines of css. the Front-End design is entirely custom and keeps all content branded with the official, trademark and copyright-compliant Oakland Athletics branding. What's more, the back-end Admin interface features arguably the most powerful custom Builder, giving Admins a visual interface to drag-and-drop and choose from simple click or tap icons to create beautiful layouts and graphic content without any coding or complicated mess.

The Microtechs is proud and honored to have had the opportunity to be of service developing this custom solution for the Oakland A's, and grateful to A's President Dave Kaval for offering the project to our local small business. Go A's!

"this is how I always envisioned our website. fantastic job!"

Dave Shapiro, CEO, Cartelligent
Read about the custom system we developed for The Oakland Athletics

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