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January 07, 2019

UX/UI Design & Website Score

UX/UI designers have become more essential than ever

Website Trustworthiness

When you install certain fonts, fine-tune a color scheme, and create call-to-action buttons, you're doing more than just beautifying a website — you're increasing its overall trustworthiness. In a study conducted by researchers in the UK, 94% of respondents said they didn't trust a website if it involved complex layouts, small print, boring color choices, and other elements of crappy design.

That study zeroed in on a handful of health websites specifically, but its findings can be applied to virtually any website: good web design matters. A lot.

Bad Design is Bad for Business

That's where UX/UI designers come into play. They're the professionals who are responsible for both stylizing the visual aspects of a site and making sure said aspects are relevant to users, ensuring a positive user experience. (Do you know what happens if users don't have a positive experience on your site? Spoiler alert: They don't visit it, which means your site doesn't make any money.)

Most search engines, like Google Search, rate and assign a score to websites. Their in the business of serving their users. Google Search has a job to do: Find what you're looking for, and use every resource available to ensure their customer satisfaction. This means that it's in Google's (and the user's) best interest to ensure that the content they show you or direct you to is exactly what you want, and that you'll be happy with the results. They use a complex, secret set of rules and tools to grade, analyze and scrutinize the results of every interaction. Did people leave immediately? Did people struggle to use it? Did they yield a result that wasn't relevant? With paid advertising, there are even more factors to consider. Yes, your small business wants to be able to compete with the likes of Amazon or Best Buy. Consider, though, that Amazon's cost for advertising would be infinitely better than the cost of advertising for a small business. Is this because they can afford to pay millions with big contracts? Sure. But, it's also because people are very happy with the results and have a very high satisfaction rate. The score, the usability and the credibility of well designed, well thought out, heavily trafficked and well reviewed destinations drives cost down and user satisfaction up.

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