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August 11, 2011

Facebook Comments

FB Elements for Zoo

More of a plugin than a module, FB Elements for Zoo uses Facebook's OpenGraph API to allow login with FB, Aol, Yahoo & Hotmail on your Joomla site. Users can comment on website content and replies to the comment on their "wall" post back to the website.

Okay, so this is a Zoo element....doesn't Zoo come with a Facebook Commenting element already? The short answer is yes, with the exception that it isn't quite as "cool". This nice addition expands on the core elements features by adding in the "post back" feature. "Liking" or "Login with Facebook Account" is one thing - but having all the replies on a user's Facebook Wall continue to post back to the website and the original article or content item is another.

Additionally, users can login with their AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail account. This means any of the social features on these sites will continue to report back replies to the conversation string as well. For many business', this will result in 3-4 comments on an item and some gradual increase in activity...but for the select few "busy" commercial industries, this adds a whole new element to social marketing on your Joomla website. Facebook Elements for Zoo is compatible with Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7

Facebook Commenting

Imagine a manufacturer or retailer of a hot product in the 18-35 age demographic market, like an iPhone 4 or a new gaming system. With a single comment to the manufacturer or retailer's website, hundred's of replies and likes would begin to populate on the website.

  • Massive Social Marketing Capability
  • XFBML JavaScript SDK and Open Graph Meta Tags
  • Options available: Number of Posts, Width, Color Scheme
  • Facebook's New v2 Comments plugin in your content
  • Moderate all Facebook comments on your website
  • Login and Comment with FB, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail
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