Built with Joomla, this site uses Zoo and the ever-popular WidgetKit for a winning combo of applications. The Picturewall staff is able to login to the backend of their website, with tiered admin privileges, and manage every aspect of their website with ease. The one-of-a-kind Image Library sections allows customers who enter their Customer ID and the password they receive in their box to access an archive of print-ready images. This unique style draws it's styling from Pinterest and Fab.com, with a simple and social approach.

The template was custom designed from the Warp 6.1 framework, with emphasis on a very minimalistic Dieter Rams styling. This website also includes a Facebook App and Twitter App for Social Commenting Features - users can login with their FB or Twitter accounts and join/create discussions on the website, with complete synchronization to their Social Wall.


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"this is how I always envisioned our website. fantastic job!"

Dave Shapiro, CEO, Cartelligent
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