New Career Planning

New Career Planning

Beautifully illustrated, sophisticated and clean. This sharp marketing-inspired design leverages white space and flex-centered content and layout. Headers, content, panels and media are vertically-centered in relation to eachother, capitalizing on new design technology that allows designers to produce a more true-to-life, print-like web design experience. With the UIKit, admins can easily create sophisticated layouts and content, without hired help.

Designed and developed specifically for renowned career coach and educator Nance Rosen, MBA. This CMS and website system features an elegant design, video, tiled icons that adapt to different device sizes, illustrated content and a sharp contact form.

Using LESS pre-processing, minify, gzip and a CDN - we're delivering clean-coded front-end design loading a simple LESS file in milliseconds instead of the half-dozen CSS files we relied on in the past. Our UIKit-based UI/UX leverages @globals and hooks with zero unnecessary lines of css.


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    Galaxy Home Theater

    This full-screen custom re-design replaces a 2010 site we developed for one of our longest running clients. It features edge-to-edge, background video, layered blending, adaptive layout and drag-and-drop visual editing.


    Luke Homen Law

    Custom CMS website for a new law firm in Oklahoma City. This clean, simple design utilizes white space and sharp serif fonts. With the UIKit, admins can easily create beautiful layouts and content, without hired help.

"this is how I always envisioned our website. fantastic job!"

Dave Shapiro, CEO, Cartelligent
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