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The custom designed front-end and UI/UX is built on the UIKit and Bootstrap, and utilizes many modern techniques including scrollspy animations, sticky nav's and modules and full-screen background video with layered filters. Standard UI features include off-canvas menu for iPad/Tablet and phones, instant search and live database-driven content.

Several custom applications were built for this site, including a custom-suited Product Catalog, a Download section, Office location directory and News/Blog app. Additionally, there is a custom application where employees from the company's warehouse can upload certificate's of authenticity, which visitors can search for and print/download with signature and model No., shipping information, etc. The Product Catalog was custom developed in PHP on the Zoo system, with unique elements specific to DeltaTrak. Visitors can browse and sort by Model No., and the product pages have shortcut buttons that smooth-scroll to specification tables, PDF downloads or product features.

Custom HTML5 Responsive Forms are integrated with Microsoft CRM, simultaneously recording data to the website's database and the CRM - which in turn notifies the appropriate salesperson of the new lead. A custom system was built for the Download application, which applies a cookie to the visitor's browser after filling out a download form. The visitor fills out a simple form to download software, which sends data to the CRM, and then makes the download visible to the visitor. No login is required.

A custom Font Family was also created for icons. In addition to the ever popular Font Awesome family, this site includes it's own unique vector-based icons as a Web Font. Web Fonts stay mathematically sharp at any size, on any device without rasterizing or pixelating the design. CSS can be used with any web font, including Icons for shadows, glowing, scaling animations and any other desired effect.

"this is how I always envisioned our website. fantastic job!"

Dave Shapiro, CEO, Cartelligent
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