Africa Unbound

Built with Joomla 2.5, this site uses Zoo and the ever-popular WidgetKit for a winning combo of applications. Africa Unbound is able to login to the backend of their website, with tiered admin privileges, and manage every aspect of their website with ease. Creating new Magazine Issues & Articles is a simple, plain-English process, with options for adding downloads, Image Galleries, Video, Social Tools and Related Items. This website also includes a Facebook App and Twitter App for Social Commenting Features - users can login with their FB or Twitter accounts and join/create discussions on the website, with complete synchronization to their Social Wall.

This site features a Chapter Directory, where website visitors can find contact information for local Chapters in Africa. Chapter Members and Coordinators are automatically associated with their respective Chapters and included on the page for their Chapter. We've also setup front-end submission so people interested in starting a new Chapter can create a profile online. This same feature works for people interested in becoming Mentors, as well.

The Radio Show, Magazine Articles, Press Releases and Member Profiles are all streamed into the slideshows, lists and category pages using a "smart content" system. This means administrators simply add a new - say, magazine article - and the homepage will automatically show the title (linked) under "Newest Articles". To make things even easier, admins dont need any HTML skills to create new content. Creating a new article, Video, staff profile brings up an editor screen with clearly labeled options and fields (Title, Subtitle, Body, Image (with Upload/Browse), Video url, Commenting Yes/No, Related Articles selection, etc).


"this is how I always envisioned our website. fantastic job!"

Dave Shapiro, CEO, Cartelligent
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