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We are San Francisco Bay Area, California based developers with extensive backgrounds in Design and IT.

We specialize in providing custom CMS (Content Management System) solutions for business application that can be managed easily by our clients and their staff. With popular CMS platforms like Joomla, Wordpress, Magento and Drupal, our front-end UI & UX framework is platform-independent. This means if sits are migrated to another platform in the future, you won't need a complete re-design. This framework is updated automatically, and frequently, keeping your front-end UI/UX up-to-date throughout years to come. These solutions feature a visual dashboard with simple drag-and-drop, one-click tools for building beautiful layouts and great design with your content. We also create custom web applications, specific to your business. Rather than trying to force 3rd party plugins to look and behave like they're meant for your business, we start with your company's unique needs and develop around you. A product-based business that sells audio equipment may have a need for impedance, wattage, voltage, decibels or spl; a search directory for eldery or disabled homes may need to allow users to search by insurance type, handicap accessibility or specific medical conditions. Creating custom applications that stream your items automatically into lists, directories, live maps, or tiles and grids can also be refined by access levels. This allows us to create tiered-access sites and applications that screen individual parts of your content based on user type. Whether you are showing MSRP versus MAP, versus distributor and wholesale prices - or simply displaying phone numbers of your employee directory only to logged-in users, this gives clients the tools needed to take on even the most complex web solutions. Producing state-of-the-art web solutions with your business needs in mind is our passion, and we've remained well ahead of the curve for ten years running.

Featured Clients

Cartelligent, Inc.

Northern California Auto Broker. Warp 5.5 based platform includes Google Translator, Zoo 2.3 Catalog, Split-column menus and Google Maps API for all locations. Launched 4/1/11. Budget: Under $7000

Quantum Composers

Replacement of damaged & poorly constructed Joomla 1.5 site. Original site used more than a dozen individual components - many of which did not function correctly. We've created a replacement site, from scratch, in less than a month with under 5 components. Budget: Under $5000

Swiss-based LED and Green Energy Saving Lighting manufacturer. Warp 5.5 based platform includes Google Translator, Zoo 2.0 Catalog, Split-column menus and Google Maps API for all international locations. Budget: Under $6500

Galaxy Home Theater

Custom Home Theater Services and Products. Uses YooTheme template on Warp6 framework with HTML5 and jQuery. Split column menus with icons, HTML5 iPad, iPhone & Android-Friendly Image Gallery, Custom Google Maps location directions and contact component. Built-in Mobile Template with RETINA Hi-Definition Display for iPhone 4. Budget: Under $3,500 (Built 2010, Updated Summer 2011)

City of Napa

Award Winning "Top California City Government Websites" by

City Website designed by David Mercer. Joomla 1.5 platform with multiple sections and categories for archived articles. Custom registration, YooCarousel, RSS Feeds, Event Listings, Video OnDemand and Contact Flow Chart.

Get Dressed Mommy

Colorado Visions

Simple Photography & Portfolio site based in Joomla. Website includes several Galleries with overlays, automatic thumbnail creation and "slidesets", based in HTML5 for complete browser and mobile device compatibility. Uses the latest Warp6 based template with smooth Web Fonts.

"this is how I always envisioned our website. fantastic job!"

Dave Shapiro, CEO, Cartelligent
Oakland Athletics Logo
Read about the custom system we developed for The Oakland Athletics

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